1 on 1 Monthly Coaching Package:

  • Motivates you to create the life that you have always envisioned for yourself. 

  • Assists you with the removal of blockages such as procrastination and fear that can prohibit you from taking the imperative steps to move forward. 

  • Support includes: 4 one-hour sessions via phone call or video conference

  • Homework assignments will be given after each session

  • The total investment of this monthly coaching package is $297.

Empowers you to establish the necessary actions steps needed to accomplish your goals and activate your purpose.

Mastering Freedom over Fear: 4-Months 

  What’s keeping you trapped? (1st month)

a. Exploration of where your fear and doubt derived from

b. Exploration of negative thought patterns

c. Combating both your past and negative thought patterns to move forward

Techniques to overcome Fear (2nd month)
It’s time to dream again! (3rd month)

a. Affirming your liberation

b. Adjusting the temperature in your mind

c. Establishing freedom

d. Applying techniques to overcome fear everyday

a. Discovering your Abundance

b. Assessing what you are willing to do to live out your biggest dreams

c. Exploring roadblocks

Take the 1st step (4th month)

a. Learn what the first step would be in moving toward the life that you want for yourself

b. Discussing how it felt

c. Creating more success

d. Develop skills to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Sis)

Support includes: 9 sessions (1 hour) over the course of 4 months and weekly check-ins via text message or email